Various organizations within the Hindu society are working actively for the Hindu resurgence and renaissance. These groups are striving to make Hindu society better and stronger, but are working for this cause in their own individual capacities.

The objective of the Hindu Organisations, Temples, & Associations (HOTA Victoria) forum is to bring together all Hindu organizations, temples, associations, institutions and sampradayas, onto one common platform for mutual benefit. The HOTA VIC forum aims to empower Hindu organizations through networking and sharing of resources, to instill a sense of pride in the Hindu community.

Facilitated by the Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia (World Hindu Council of Australia) – Victoria chapter, HOTA VIC is a forum for participating Hindu temples and other organisations to work together to discuss and deliberate on topics of common interest, issues, ideas and opportunities, with the objective of enhancing community services and preservation of our Hindu culture. Sri Swami Vigyananand Ji, Joint General Secretary – VHP Bharat & Lead – VHP International, launched HOTA VIC forum at the 4th Australian National Hindu conference in Sept 2015. At present HOTA VIC has over 50 partnering member organisations and more network.

HOTA VIC aims to achieve its objectives through two annual events – a forum meeting and a cultural event – Raksha Bandhan.  Each year with co-ordination of HOTA Secretariat, one of the forum partners will host all the events for that particular year, with the support of all other partnering organizations. Using the Ekta Shankh (unity conch shell) as its symbol and relying on the motto of “Sanghe Sakthi Kaliyuge” (organisation is strength), representatives from various cultural, spiritual and educational groups in Melbourne came together for a formal meeting (HOTA Forum) and cultural “Raksha Bandhan” event in 2016 and 2017.  

The Raksha Bandhan festival celebrates the bond of universal fellowship and is an occasion to venerate womanhood. Hindus and other Dharma-based communities realised since time immemorial that the true strength of social structures is the connections between its members. We also recognise the indisputable role women play in nurturing and enhancing the Society.

HOTA VIC Forum is a division of Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia Inc. It is not an incorporated organization. There is no annual fee and organisations can join and leave at any point in time during the year. It is a forum where all organisations support each other and are on equal footing, whether they are small or big.